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“Confidence” is our personal word of the year. It is that which motivates us as we strive to complete our current project: a grade school for Laos. In light of the current developments in our world, it is not always easy to keep our confidence high. But when we think back and consider the many projects that were realized in the past year, and the confident smiles of children that we helped to generate, then we are encouraged to continue our efforts.

With the support of friends, acquaintances and corporations, as well as schools and communities, we want to invest where the discrepancy now is especially large - in Laos. Laos leads an existence in the shadow of growing tourism destinations such as Vietnam and Cambodia. It is a country that is taking first steps towards opening itself but it still stands at the threshold to the modern world. An important and sustainable prerequisite towards facilitating the next step is the literacy and education of Laos’ children.

Let us join forces again to build schools.