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Montessori- or Waldorf-Philosophy? Bilingual or forest kindergarten? Early musical education? What kinds of toys? Which books? What kind of sport?

Many typical questions parents ask themselves – thoughts and considerations in the face of the bounty of education offerings. A comfortable, almost luxurious environment in which our children are raised. Whereas we are spoiled with choices, in Vietnam predominates the problem and fact-of-life that not every child, especially in the rural areas, receives a primary education or has access to books.

We would like to sponsor a preschool room project with Room to Read for the construction of a preschool in our home country of Vietnam. For this, we aim to raise funds in the amount of 26,000 Dollars in the next six months. We know for certain that we will not achieve this goal without the energetic and generous support from you – our friends – your acquaintances, and your networks.

With Room to Read, founded by John Wood – a former highly successful Top Manager at Microsoft – we found an international organization which combines non-profit viewpoint with strong business ethos. The organization seeks to intervene early in the lives of children in the belief that education is a lifelong gift that empowers people ultimately to improve socio-economic conditions for their families, communities, countries, and future generations. Room to Read works in a streamlined and efficient structure, whose dynamic is represented by its worldwide force of more than 3,000 volunteers. Room to Read has gained many international awards and recognitions for its works and achievements.

Bild: SchuleWe hope very much that the idea to fund the construction of a school motivates you as much as it does us, and that you will support our endeavor in any way feasible. This can be through a direct donation, or through forwarding this web link to interested friends and acquaintances, who may be inclined to support such charitable projects. Most important, we welcome any ideas and suggestions on how we can successfully manage the project. Maybe you know people in your circles who may realize here an opportunity to contribute their time or money to this specific-targeted project. May we humbly ask that you refer your contacts to this worthy cause. We would be grateful for any support you can provide.

Cam-Mai Brasch & Tuan Tram